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The worlds oldest living animal. Maybe.


This is Jonathan.


Jonathan is a giant tortoise. For Islanders, he is a large, quiet and reasonably unremarkable local institution and a faithful old friend, if one of surprising libido for one one his age. Exactly how old he is is unknown. Some people believe he was here when Napoleon was imprisoned here, although most think that he arrived in the 1880's. He is believed to be at least 150years old, and almost certainly over 175.

Much to our surprise, in December Jonathan suddenly became a world superstar. Of sorts. For some reason vortually every British paper - and many others - all announced on the same day that he was now suspected of being the worlds oldest living animal . How they all suddenly came across one of our 5 giant tortoises on the same day (it must have been a very slow news day), we haven't the faintest idea. Though it can't be proved one way or another, what IS certain is that less than 2 days later Jonathan was happily, erm, enjoying the company of one of his 4 girlfriends. Even if he is as young as 150, if i am still chasing just one women around my home at that age, i'll be doing extremely well.


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If I am half that age and still chasing women around the house I'll be doing well! :)

by Sam I Am

So you've traded up from sheep, Rich?

by tway

Doh! Well spotted Sam. That was what I mean't to say!

by Gelli

Maybe that's his trick: you have to chase more girlfriends, that's keeping you fit...? *giggles*

Maybe it's Napoleon in another shape...? Be warned if any battles starts... (lol)

I'm very suspicious to the fact that all the newspapers found this story at the same time. I doubt it they're turtle-spotters all of them, someone did tip them for sure :-)

by Lifecruiser.com

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