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Ok, so that clearly didn't work.

I'm not still in Canada. It is not still June. In fact, it's 20-bl**dy-13, and i'm sat in a Airbnb apartment in Brooklyn watching the aftermath of snowmageddon/snopocalypse/nero. Not the fish one.

Although I expect zero people to believe it, I had written most of the next maybe half dozen posts. But at various points life, the will to life and just, well, stuff got in the way. For all our sakes, I think it is will make more sense if I just call it quite there although I will try and recycle some bits later. You will see why.

It is now time to fast forward, so let's summarise everything after Montreal.

I got the train back to New York. Couple of weeks there with weekend in Washington DC in between. Travel companion arrives from Europe. Luggage does not. 3 days mad shopping for clothes in NYC. Then back onto boat, and a pretty good week back to Europe. No, I did not get up at 5am to watch Southampton IKEA approach. Then Sweden, assorted work, Spain and Portugal (yes you read that correctly. I finally made it to Portugal for the first time for a few days, and caught up with Morten – of the Landy project for those with very long memories), the Olympics (yay!), Travel-companions bags finally reappear in Europe, but no compensation. Work, Finland and pink fingernails, the Paralympics (even yay-er). More Sweden and more work. Increasing farce. Ice-cream soup, celebrating a year of being homeless, the arrival of the armadillo, a last minute change of Christmas followed by an interesting New Year in Berlin. Then a few days running around the UK, collect new travel companions, and get back on the boat. The Queen Victoria, this time. With weather so balmy that a week on the North Atlantic in winter involved more time on the balcony/outside than both previous trips combined, and as I am not healthier, wiser, and more frequent traveller, including barely feasible amounts of free champagne. A good trip, unless you happen to be my camera, which was not so happy. Few days of great sightseeing and stuff, and now i'm all alone again.

But I'm back in New York, and this time, probably, hopefully, maybe, more permanently.

I'm naturally still homeless. But i'm working on solving that one.

What comes now is likely to be limited in scope, but hopefully will involve reasonably regular updates of this poor lost Welshman, being wide-eyed and cynical and exploring the wonders of New York City and it's environs. Actually, you probably won't hear from me again until mid 2014 when I happen to stuck randomly on the Kermadoc islands and remember I have a blog. But i'll try. Promise?

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Looking forward to the updates Rich! Maybe? :)

by Sam I Am

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