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The trials and tribulations of Håkan-Sven

This is Håkan-Sven. Why he was named Håkan-Sven is now lost in the midst of time and was never very interesting anyway. Actually, there is no picture of Håkan-Sven here as we do not deem him worthy enough of a photograph on such an esteemed website. Basically he is evil. Pure evil. So really there is no point in mentioning him in the slightest. Which makes me wonder why i'm bothering at all. Really, I mean really, why? By now, I'm sure you are all about as lost as we were, and so i will pause reflectively, and erm, reflect on the rubbish I have just written in the first paragraph and then start again.

For reasons unknown, Håkan-Sven was so christened. He was picked up at short notice for slightly complicated logistical reasons that made perfect sense at the time, but... Håkan-Sven had the dubious distinction of being the roomiest and most comfortable of all our trusty steed and steed-esses for all passengers, yet by far the least comfortable for the idiot chauffeur, also known as me.

We had him for less than 24hours and I honestly have no reason to write any kind of entry or note about him, except for the fact that Hanna, weeks later (which tells you how up to date and cutting edge these warblings really are) happened to mention “but nobody remembers poor Håkan-Sven”.

Hanna, I hope you find this is a suitable tribute to the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever driven. Good riddance, I say.


Pretty much all we did of any note was to drive at random around Katatura, Windhoek and Namibia's worst and most notorious slum (Welcome to Namibia, Africa and your holiday, Susse), though by standards of many African, Asian and Latin American cities it is calm, orderly and rich. This sign, however, did tickle me a little

Oh, yes, and we used Håkan-Sven to pick up Susse. I am now at my full quotent of Finnish women for the week.

((((with apologies yet again for the lack of updates and now, photos. The next 3 entire are ready, but the photos have all got lost. Not permanently, but for today. i'll try and get them up in a week)))

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