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<fast forwards life> 09.02.2013
By popular request: Clive 01.11.2012
Touring with a 2year old guide 29.10.2012
A brand new experience: Striking French speakers... 28.10.2012
Erm.... 04.10.2012
Ooh. Foreign speaking 13.07.2012
Trying to climb stairs 11.07.2012
Conspicuous consumption 02.07.2012
More Falling 01.07.2012
Canukistan. Or Canadia. Or something 14.06.2012
West becomes North 13.06.2012
It's only 768 miles to Walmart 13.06.2012
Novelty value: Let's go West 12.06.2012
Let him roam free 31.05.2012
Simples-ish 26.05.2012
Noo Yoik 25.05.2012
Why me? Welcome to America! 14.05.2012
Fog, Fog, Glorious Fog 14.05.2012
Last days at sea 12.05.2012
Slop onboard 10.05.2012
Little details 06.05.2012
Transatlantic speed records 05.05.2012
Unplanned, but finally another boat 05.05.2012
***insert tumbleweed here*** 04.05.2012
Now... Just a short wait for Brazil 2014 26.07.2010
Playing tourist again, before the big one 26.07.2010
A sad history of, mostly, one man 25.07.2010
Diego gets his comeuppance 24.07.2010
A wandering again 23.07.2010
Durban 23.07.2010
Schloooee-Schloooee (or some such) 22.07.2010
Mythbusting 22.07.2010
Yet another disclaimer 14.07.2010
The first Oranje invasion 13.07.2010
My brief interlude with Botswana 12.07.2010
Cape arrival 11.07.2010
And on. 05.07.2010
Time for monotony 04.07.2010
Dogs. Or birds, depending on your idea 04.07.2010
Finally, the faffing is over 04.07.2010
Germans... 24.06.2010
Suddenly, it starts to clear. And I don't like what i see 10.06.2010
Piss-up and brewery 10.06.2010
The background 09.06.2010
MS Noordam 09.06.2010
Subplots and continuation 08.06.2010
WooHoo. After the hard bit, NOW i get stuck. Typical 08.06.2010
After all that, it's Vigo time 07.06.2010
Merin? Where the heck is Merin?! 07.06.2010
Hello land. 06.06.2010
Europe begins to loom. Slowly, admittedly 05.06.2010
More pretty much nothingness 05.06.2010
Something almost happened! 04.06.2010
125hours or emptiness 04.06.2010
It's just routine 04.06.2010
Walvisbaai. Again 03.06.2010
Anchorage 03.06.2010
Life on a cargo vessel 02.06.2010
Passing RMS 01.06.2010
End of a continent. For now, anyway. 31.05.2010
It's all wet around me again 31.05.2010
Rich and Fortune 30.05.2010
A Simon and Garfunkel song 29.05.2010
Part 2-ish 28.05.2010
Bloem Bloem Bloem Boem Bloem 28.05.2010
Money matters. Except it doesn't, easily, in South Africa 27.05.2010
Drakensberg 25.05.2010
Wedding 25.05.2010
Sani and Lesotho 23.05.2010
Of Myths and claims...The Highest in the world??? Bullsh*t 23.05.2010
Baby Cheetahs 23.05.2010
Meerkats and Ostriches 23.05.2010
The end of the world 23.05.2010
72 puppies, Chris Cornell & an increasingly militant Hamster 23.05.2010
Wine 22.05.2010
Ruth, Penguins and cake so good Oprah recommends it 22.05.2010
Cape stuff 22.05.2010
An apology... 20.03.2010
A long stop in the middle of nowhere 24.01.2010
Swaziland 28.12.2009
Frelimo 27.12.2009
Dead, sleep-walking vegetables 26.12.2009
A few hours in the lap of luxury 17.12.2009
Fred is dead. Long live Fred 16.12.2009
How to beaten up by a bus driver in 2 easy steps. 15.12.2009
Maputo 14.12.2009
Bumpity Bump 12.12.2009
Of Time and Money, though Space can wait 11.12.2009
The perils of hitchhiking 10.12.2009
You are only as old as something or other 09.12.2009
The difference in African perceptions 09.12.2009
Extra... 08.12.2009
WooHoo! Into the Karooooooooooooo 08.12.2009
Drowning in a desert 08.12.2009
Lydia's journey 07.12.2009
The short life of Abigail 07.12.2009
Shopping the saffer way 07.12.2009
On matters of Sewage Management 07.12.2009
2 Coffee's? That will be 24,000,000,000, please, Sir 07.12.2009
Welcome to culture shock, Colonial style 01.11.2009
Another routine African bus journey 29.09.2009
Tete 29.09.2009
A happy last morning in Malawi. Oh yes. 28.09.2009
The end of Malawi 27.09.2009
T.I.A 26.09.2009
How not to drown on Lake Malawi 25.09.2009
Island life on Likoma 24.09.2009
Chizi 23.09.2009
A return to the Ilala 22.09.2009
What's in a Malawian name? 21.09.2009
Lions 20.09.2009
Hippos with beach balls. And rusks (But without hippo's) 19.09.2009
Ants with Nukes 18.09.2009
How do you hide a double mattress from 4 security guards? 02.09.2009
It's plague time 31.08.2009
In memory of Hawaii 5-O 29.08.2009
Give me bottle. Give me pen. Give me Kwacha. Give me Sweet. 28.08.2009
A new country means a new hospital 26.08.2009
The end of Hamish. And my hopes for a happy life. 30.07.2009
The hot wet sensation of freedom 28.07.2009
Looking back at life in Bush House 27.07.2009
When carjackings go wrong (or right?) 25.07.2009
Six degrees of Kevin Bacon 25.07.2009
Bang-Bang went the policeman's gun 23.07.2009
The backpacker circle of help 21.07.2009
Wasting a week 20.07.2009
Several sources of Nile 19.07.2009
Goma 18.07.2009
Genocide 15.07.2009
Rwandan beauty 15.07.2009
Kamenya inzira arutwa na kamenya indaro* 14.07.2009
The Belgian 12.07.2009
It was like being in a foreign country 06.07.2009
Timewarp transport 05.07.2009
Hamish... 04.07.2009
One night in Kampala. Plus a few more. 04.07.2009
A Boda-Boda Bouncy-Bounce 25.06.2009
Traipsing around a Caldera 22.06.2009
Tusky 21.06.2009
All hail the Lion King 20.06.2009
Wandering through the Cradle of Mankind 19.06.2009
Animals in trees 19.06.2009
Gelli's super patented 'impeccable timing' strikes again. 12.06.2009
The trouble with dreams* 12.06.2009
What a difference a week makes. 12.06.2009
A sea of pink that smells 12.06.2009
How a leopard can kill your enthusiasm 10.06.2009
Matatu's rule OK. Or something like that 02.06.2009
Yup, stuck back in Nairobi 27.05.2009
Bye-bye Yes-Dear 27.05.2009
Life and death in Nairobbery 27.05.2009
Fred world 27.05.2009
Mlurgh 13.05.2009
Dratted Somali's. Let me get my boat 13.05.2009
Such a pretty name 12.05.2009
Duh? What? No? Oh... Dar. 11.05.2009
37km/h? Meh. You get there eventually! 11.05.2009
Kuomboka 11.05.2009
The horror of getting older 11.05.2009
The delights of city planning 11.05.2009
The wonders of Zambian transport 23.04.2009
I've always wanted a power shower but... 22.04.2009
Not the ideal ending 21.04.2009
The Strange beauty of Imogen 13.04.2009
The trials and tribulations of Håkan-Sven 13.04.2009
The travels of Edith, and introducing.... Fred. 27.03.2009
Where did all these people come from?? 27.03.2009
So long, and thanks for all the fish 27.03.2009
Mmmmm. Tasty. 13.02.2009
Brave. So very brave. 13.02.2009
Seasons greetings. Well after the end of season, naturally 12.02.2009
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? 11.02.2009
Yup, i know it's cheating 10.02.2009
Cut off from the world 09.02.2009
A fort, a fort, and batteries of the non-Duracel variety 09.02.2009
Musical matters (this time, without ABBA references) 05.02.2009
Diana's Peak 03.02.2009
Of coincidence and unplanned meetings 02.02.2009
A little light excercise 01.02.2009
The worlds oldest living animal. Maybe. 26.01.2009
So famous even ABBA sung about him 26.01.2009
Modern technology is great 16.01.2009
The wonders of Island transportation 21.12.2008
So THAT's where Led Zeppelin got the idea from! 21.12.2008
Erm.... 19.12.2008
Home is where the insects roam 25.11.2008
Initial impression thing-a-me-jigs 20.11.2008
You say tomato, I say "where?!!!!" 05.11.2008
Home? 05.11.2008
It exists! 05.11.2008
Almost there now... 02.11.2008
Land-ho? Who the dickens left that big rock there? 02.11.2008
Crossing the line 29.10.2008
The alternative version of events... 23.10.2008
There's allot of that watery ocean stuff out there. 22.10.2008
The Where and The Why 08.10.2008
It's time to escape. Again 07.10.2008